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  • Public Announcement Systems

    Public Announcement system is an electronic amplification system used as a communication system in public areas. Technorb keeps global standards in deliverables and services relating this system powered by specialized partners. We extend our services to various industry sectors like, Hotels, Malls, Sports Stadiums, Government and Private buildings etc

    Voice Evacuation System’s are specially designed public address systems, typically used during fire situations, which the Life Safety Code requires for certain types of installations. Also referred to as Voice Evac systems, they are usually part of high-end fire alarm systems, primarily in places of assembly. The system uses spoken messages to evacuate public facilities in an orderly fashion during emergencies.

    Voice Evac systems are considered better alternatives to traditional audible anunciators because a voice is typically less likely to instill panic, and the voice feature can be used to give specific instructions, for specific situations. Other justifications for Voice Evac are that, with so many devices making alarm-like sounds these days, people have become complacent to alarm sounds and signals. Combining an alarm signal with a voice message and instructing occupants as to what to do have proven to be much more effective in getting people to a safe area .

  • Audio Video Intercom

    img Used in place of the standard doorbell, an Audio/Video intercom system provides the advantage of hearing and viewing visitors at the same time. Technorb offers advanced and branded Hardware along with cabling services. Technorb equally supports cost effective solutions in Intercom systems by providing newest Telephony systems that supports CTI (Computer Telephony Integration, ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) etc..

  • PABX Installation and Services

    A business phone system is the key to any company's ability to communicate with the outside world. Purchasing business phones is a decision that must be taken very seriously; mistakes can be very costly in terms of actual and company performance. Almost all simple business phone systems provide basic features such as voicemail and speakerphone. image

    Basic telephone systems may be appropriate for small offices with less than 10 employees. A vendor can offer up phone quotes for your system of choice with additional features that can help your business: automated attendant, on-hold messaging, conferencing calling, automatic call distribution, and computer telephony integration. For bigger offices and call centers, powerful multi-line phone solutions like Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems provide several features for the business. You can also program PBX systems for different implementations and the technology can expand as your company grows.

    We are providing phone systems that take your current and future capacity needs into consideration. .

  • TV Reception & Distribution System (MATV & SMATV)

    We specialize in the design, installation and service of TV distribution, which includes community access television CATV & SMATV systems, private cable systems.
    These Systems are typically found in multiple dwelling units, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, airports, bars,
    and other commercial properties. .

  • Classroom Projectors and Smart Boards

    The Smart Board is an interactive whiteboard that uses touch detection for user input (for example scrolling and right mouse-click) in the same way as normal PC input devices

    The Smart Board interactive whiteboard operates as part of a system that includes the interactive whiteboard, a computer, a projector and whiteboarding software - either Smart Notebook collaborative learning software for education, or Smart Meeting Pro software for business. The components are connected wirelessly or via USB or serial cables. A projector connected to the computer displays the desktop image on the interactive whiteboard. The whiteboard accepts touch input from a finger, pen or other solid object. Smart Board interactive whiteboards are also available as a front-projection flat-panel display – interactive surfaces that fit over plasma or LCD display panels

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