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  • Public Address and Backgound Music Systems

    In many Hotels and Public Buildings Background music is piped through the public areas to provide a pleasant atmosphere. In addition it is often a requirement for the reception staff to be able to page over this system to a particular area or combination of areas. A public address system (PA system) is an audio transmission system used in buildings, most commonly seen in schools, airports, airplanes, drive-thru at fast food chains and hospitals. It is often used to used to read announcements or to declare a state of emergency. A BGM based PA system provides the user to broadcast music to all zones.

    Technorb can provide single and multiple zone systems together with multiple input music sources either centrally or locally located as required. Sources can then serve loudspeaker units which will be selected dependant on level and quality requirements for each area.

    To enable us to provide these services we have access to and knowledge of the majority of manufactured equipment available around the world and can therefore provide comprehensive and cost effective solutions

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