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Fire & Safety

  • Fire Alarm Systems

    Fire Alarm detection system is a combination of fire alarm control equipment and fire alarm indicating equipment. Fire Detection System detects the fire by means of sensing smoke, sudden rise in the temperature with electronic equipments; logically and hence produce output in the form of alarm by energizing the audio / visual devices. All components and interconnections between every fire alarm initiation point (call points and detectors) and every fire alarm device. Alarm receiving centre is a permanently manned centre, usually provided by a commercial organisation, the staff of which, upon receipt of a fire signal notify the fire service.

    The following devices are used normally for fire detection system
    • Fire alarm Panel
    • Fire Detectors
    • Hooter
    • Interface Input / Output Modules
    • Manual Break Glass
    • Response Indicator
  • Suppression System

    Fire Suppression Systems are commonly used on heavy power equipment. Suppression systems use a combination of dry chemicals and/or wet agents to suppress equipment fires. Suppression systems have become a necessity to several industries as they help control damage and loss to equipment. Common means of detection are through heat sensors, wiring, or manual detection (depending on system selection).

  • UPS Systems

    Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) are backup batteries that provide emergency power to electrical systems in case power becomes unavailable. They are connected between a power source (such as an electrical outlet) and the equipment to protect (such as a motor or computer). There are two basic types of UPS systems: standby power systems (SPSs) and on-line UPS systems. An SPS monitors the power line and switches to battery power as soon as it detects a problem. The switch to battery, however, can require several milliseconds, during which time the computer is not receiving any power. Standby Power Systems are sometimes called Line-interactive UPSes.

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