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IT & Networking

  • Structured Cabling & Data Networking

    We are offering our services to build your cabling infrastructure to keep your voice and data networks running at their ultra performance level. We do this by a proper understanding of your immediate and projected requirements and our attention to detail while designing. Our workmanship and selection of the right components ensure that the network runs smooth at all types of loads. We have a professional team to implement all your cabling requirements from small LAN to Enterprise networks. Structured Cabling projects in Indian regions can now be done professionally and cost effectively, thanks to the expertise that we bring in.

    Services we offer
    • Initial Site Survey
    • Planning & Design
    • Preparation of Drawings and Layouts
    • Sales and supply
    • Cable Installation
    • Hardware Installation
    • Testing & Certification
    • Maintenance
  • Enterprise Computing Solutions

    The company offers hardware/servers, security software, virtualization software, access infrastructure, internetworking, and enterprise storage products. It also provides pre-sales technical support and order fulfillment management services; and provides business planning and marketing, flexible financing, and customized configuration services.

  • Wireless & LAN-WAN networking Solutions.

    We are focused on helping our clients create a network infrastructure that enables them to deliver the business services that are required, when and where they are required.

    To deliver this, we partner with best-in-class providers of network infrastructure.Coupled with our in-house team of converged network specialists we can help you create and enhance your LAN, WAN and WLAN infrastructure so you get the best return from your assets.

  • UPS Systems

    Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) are backup batteries that provide emergency power to electrical systems in case power becomes unavailable. They are connected between a power source (such as an electrical outlet) and the equipment to protect (such as a motor or computer). There are two basic types of UPS systems: standby power systems (SPSs) and on-line UPS systems. An SPS monitors the power line and switches to battery power as soon as it detects a problem. The switch to battery, however, can require several milliseconds, during which time the computer is not receiving any power. Standby Power Systems are sometimes called Line-interactive UPSes.

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