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  • CCTV & Surveillance Systems(IP & Analogue)

    Our dedicated team is committed to provide solutions to your specific security needs. We will provide our customers with modular or fully integrated security systems from world-brands. Our well trained technical engineers design and performs attentive CCTV installations and renders the following services

    • CCTV Installations
    • IP Security Camera Systems
    • CCTV System Upgrades
    • Security Camera Maintenance
    • Remote CCTV Monitoring

    We provide a wide range of camera types & options. It includes Digital Video Recorders, sophisticated day/night/ higher resolution cameras, convert hidden camera solutions and high speed 360 degree dome camera connected to IP network camera system which can be integrated with its back end business applications through technology development standards. This helps to monitor any area under different environments. Our focuses on latest technologies that make Remote Monitoring more efficient consist of Digital Video Recorders/multiplexes that enable viewing and controlling your cameras via the LAN or WAN (Internet).

    Our well experienced Security Company is looking forward to leading you through; from initial advice, to the completion of any possible security or surveillance camera task you may have. Please call our helpful team and find out how even small businesses can afford a secure working place. .

  • Access control Systems

    Nearly all applications that deal with financial, privacy, safety, or defense include some form of access control. Access control is concerned with determining the allowed activities of legitimate users, mediating every attempt by a user to access a resource in the system.

    Organizations planning to implement an access control system should consider three abstractions: access control policies, models, and mechanisms. Our Access Control team works on all the three abstraction mentioned above. Our system consists of selected components from world leaders known in the industry. Thus it better merges with the overall objective of protecting and securing your business and assets. Our highly professional security team comprehends these needs at each phase of design, supply, install and furnish with end-to-end access control security systems.

    img Our Access Control System comprises latest technologies and selected components from global brands in the very industry. One such technology is Biometric recognition. It forms a strong link between a person and his identity because biometric traits cannot be easily shared, lost, or duplicated. Hence, biometric recognition is intrinsically superior and more resistant to social engineering attacks. Biometric systems contribute effectively to establishing the security demanded by governments and citizens. We deliver a wide spectrum of Access Control devices equipped with newest technologies such as thumb print, proximity cards etc. Besides, we provide professional locking systems that can be used with any type of doors made of glass, wood, metal etc. Keyless locks - Add physical security and control to your home or business. Keep children from accessing a gun cabinet. Limit access to specific rooms in the house. Remote Control Doors & Gates - After identifying a visitor by video intercom, you can open the door by remote control. Simple to Advanced access control solutions - We sell full lines of major access control brands. .

  • Burglar/Intruder Alarm System

    To enhance your security system we can provide you different kinds of sensors to detect any movement or intruder in your home, office, and enterprises. The sensor type includes Glass Break Sensor, Door Opening Sensors, Vibration Sensors, and Infrared Beam Sensors etc. Install the same professional security alarm systems that professional alarm system installers use. Choose a burglar / fire alarm system that are right for your home or business. We have a wide assortment of alarm control panels, keypads, sensors, motion detectors and fire & smoke detectors to suit every need. When you activate any of these sensors, the Alarm system will also get activated. We provide international brands such as Apollo (US), Morley, GE Edwards. .

  • Gate Barrier System

    Gate barriers, another area we deliver our quality services keenly regulate the access control to your company, villa or parking area. The access will be granted using proximity cards or remote controls for an ease of access.

    One of the simplest ways to protect your business is to control the flow of movement in and out of your buildings. Technorb can design an access control system that fits in with your corporate image, from basic sign-in or turnstile facilities to a sophisticated multi-level authorization card or lock system that can track and restrict access for different categories of personnel or visitor at various key points around your premises.

    With the advance of reader technology, access control systems have developed and become distinctly more flexible, with most access control systems being able to cater for more than one type of reader technology on their systems.

    The software provided within the access control system offers full control and reporting packages, enabling traceability of users throughout the system. Being of modular design, the system is allowed to grow in accordance with the building or site to suit any future expansion.

    Hardware provided with the access control system range from 12V DC wooden/metal locks, through to magnetic locks and shear locks, with our experienced design team providing the most suitable lock for each application. .

  • Security & fire monitoring

    Fire Alarm detection system is a combination of fire alarm control equipment and fire alarm indicating equipment. Fire Detection System detects the fire by means of sensing smoke, sudden rise in the temperature with electronic equipments; logically and hence produce output in the form of alarm by energizing the audio / visual devices. All components and interconnections between every fire alarm initiation point (call points and detectors) and every fire alarm device. Alarm receiving centre is a permanently manned centre, usually provided by a commercial organisation, the staff of which, upon receipt of a fire signal notify the fire service. The following devices are used normally for fire detection system: - A) Fire alarm Panel. B) Fire Detectors. C) Hooter. D) Interface Input / Output Modules.. E) Manual Break Glass F) Response Indicator

  • Car Park Management

    Technorb systems design, install and maintain complete car park management system combined system from hardware components and software that supplies real time information about the parking space, occupied or free, with lots of supporting information, like statistics about parking spaces, history, spaces view and lots more .

  • Guard Tour Management

    Electronic Security Systems play a vital role in any Organization. In the same way, guard tour systems are being widely used these days to make sure that officers really work on their shift timings or not. Electronic Guard Tour Systems ensure detailed activity and monitoring of on-duty officers. This system has three important components which are an incident booklet, scanner and RFID. Here, RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification Chips. The systems are electronic device which appears with small in size and can be placed on walls, underwater or in certain objects. All these components of the system have their own importance like

    • RFID
    • Incident-Booklet
    • Scanner

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