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    Technorb System`s Access Control System comprises latest technologies and selected components from global brands in the very industry. One such technology is Biometric recognition. It forms a strong link between a person and his identity because biometric traits cannot be easily shared, lost, or duplicated. Hence, biometric recognition is intrinsically superior and more resistant to social engineering attacks. Biometric systems contribute effectively to establishing the security demanded by governments and citizens. Access control security systems monitor and control access to a given area; be it a room, a building or multiple buildings in distant areas. Access control security systems ensure that only approved personnel can gain access to restricted areas and only during certain time scales specified. In the most basic form, swipe cards are used to electronically permit access to restricted areas. When proximity cards are held against a proximity reader, the code is read and checked by the controller against a list of codes that have access in a split of a second. Touch less Biometric access control is the most sophisticated and secure form of access control. Biometrics Access Control system authenticate users by means of physical characteristics like fingerprints, face, palm, voice and retina patterns and removes the hassles of keys and troublesome passwords. They provide the highest level of identification security as the physical parameters are unique to each individual

    img Technorb Systems provides cost-effective turnkey Access Control Systems designed to meet your specific requirements for enabling authority to control access to areas and resources in a given physical facility or computer-based information system. Managed Access Control can provide personnel tracking, image verification, employee information, and event documentation. These systems can also be used to enforce policies, limiting users to specifically authorized actions and data. Virtually any door can be retrofitted with a locking system specific to an end users requirements.

    From Traditional Access Systems to Smart Access Systems, Technorb can provide Access Control, Alarm Monitoring, Digital Video, Intrusion Detection, Asset Tracking, Information, Security Integration, Credential Production, and Employee and Visitor Management functionality. Individual application modules are available as standalone systems or can be deployed in any combination to deliver a single, seamlessly integrated solution. Technorb team can help you assess your facilities utilizing Risk Management Consulting and assist you in determining the level of Security your facility requires. This process helps to enable you to achieve an Access Control System right for your company and within your budget. .

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