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  • Gate Barrier System

    Gate barriers, another area we deliver our quality services keenly regulate the access control to your company, villa or parking area. The access will be granted using proximity cards or remote controls for an ease of access.

    One of the simplest ways to protect your business is to control the flow of movement in and out of your buildings. Technorb can design an access control system that fits in with your corporate image, from basic sign-in or turnstile facilities to a sophisticated multi-level authorization card or lock system that can track and restrict access for different categories of personnel or visitor at various key points around your premises.

    With the advance of reader technology, access control systems have developed and become distinctly more flexible, with most access control systems being able to cater for more than one type of reader technology on their systems.

    The software provided within the access control system offers full control and reporting packages, enabling traceability of users throughout the system. Being of modular design, the system is allowed to grow in accordance with the building or site to suit any future expansion.

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