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  • Guard Tour Monitoring for Efficient Patrol

    Electronic Security Systems play a vital role in any Organization. In the same way, guard tour systems are being widely used these days to make sure that officers really work on their shift timings or not. Electronic Guard Tour Systems ensure detailed activity and monitoring of on-duty officers. This system has three important components which are an incident booklet, scanner and RFID. Here, RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification Chips. The systems are electronic device which appears with small in size and can be placed on walls, underwater or in certain objects. All these components of the system have their own importance like:

    • RFID
    • Incident-Booklet
    • Scanner

    RFID allows the systems to be used in discrete locations in hidden form. It works efficiently even when it is hidden from sight. And credit goes to its major component, "RFID".
    An incident booklet is the booklet which a guard carries and uses it like a notebook. In this booklet, on-duty officers mention such things which gone wrong. This is actually a primitive method of monitoring the areas assigned to on-duty officers.
    Scanner effectively finds out loopholes and other security weaknesses. Scanner scans the entire whereabouts of the patrol officers and their activities get recorded and logged safely. Such records are sent to computer with full details of location, time and incidents. And such details can be obtained either in printed form or remain stored in digital form.

    Thus, all these components form a useful system to monitor each and every minute. Presently, these systems are successfully used in places like construction sites, maintenance service areas, amusement parks and many others

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